A Nimble CSS Framework

— built with flexbox —

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Web Apps


Designed for Web Sites & Apps

Out of the box responsive code. From desktop to mobile or mobile to desktop, code the way you want with ease. Flexbox also makes ThimbleCSS perfect for powering your web apps as well as sites.


Open Source

Help Make ThimbleCSS Better

ThimbleCSS is lightweight and open for a reason: So you can make it your own. Have a great addition? Send us a pull request and help make ThimbleCSS the best light weight CSS framework.


SASS Ready

Ready for your mixins and variables

What's better than lightweight, clean CSS? Lightweight, clean SASS. All the advantages of your favorite CSS extension. We even included a few of our favorite simple mixins.

Fall in love again with

handcrafting websites

— Why flexbox? —

Unlimited Columns

No more floats or clears. Add as many column elements you want and watch as they scale effortlessly.

Re-Order Your Content

No need to push or pull, you can now control your hierarchy and message based on screen size and need.

Center Anything

Vertically and horizontally center anything without absolute positioning or table layouts.

Stretch Columns

Keep your columns equal heights with fluid content. No more padding or absolute position tricks.

Responsive Header Sizes

Why limit responsiveness to just your layout? Resize your headers and typography with one class.